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November 3, 2012
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What a day. Or at least, an afternoon.  You had just gotten home from school, a place usually so boring and vile, that was now a generous amount more enjoyable.  Why?
Because, dear reader, you had a boyfriend.  
A brown haired, green eyed, beautiful boyfriend.
When you confessed to him that afternoon, you expected him to deny you.   Instead, he flashed a bright smile and gave you a hug.
I like you too, ______. Would you like to go out with me? he had said, making you inwardly squeal.  Then he took your hand in his, and slid a bracelet on your wrist. Keep it. he whispered, giving you another hug before you reluctantly got into your car.
Now you wished he was here. Fast forward six hours, and you're sitting on your couch, no one to talk to. Frankly, you were a bit depressed. You had just gotten off the phone with your friend (Friend name). She had invited your other friends (friend 2) and (boy name) over to hang out.  The conversation went along the lines of this:
She had called you, and you picked up, answering with a "Hey."
"HEY _____!" she screamed into the phone. You could hear loud giggling in the background.
"Oh, hey (Friend Name).  What's going on?"
"Nothing much, just hanging out with (friend 2) and (boy name).  I think me and (boy name) are best friends now!" she said cheerfully.
"Yay..." you mumbled. Why weren't you invited? And that was exactly what you asked her.
"Oh, because (friend 2) didn't have you number!" you rolled your eyes. What that had to do with anything, you had no idea.
"Alright then..."
"Omigosh, ______, you know what (friend 2) did?!" she barely let you answer before she started talking again. "She started talking like me and (boy name) were married! And, get this, she acted like we had kids and stuff, and she was telling our imaginary kids how they were born!!! Me and (boy name) were cracking up so much!"
"Really? That's... funny..." you attempted to laugh, but this conversation had made you a little miffed, so the laugh sounded a little - or a lot - fake.
"Anyway, I gotta go! We're about to play truth or dare! Later ______!"  and you heard the receiver click.
Who needs them anyway, you thought.  I've got other friends. Maybe I'll text (other friend).
and you did just that.
But what you got... just made you a bit more depressed.
"Hey" you had sent, and a few minutes later, she replied:
"What" Strange. She never replied to you like that.  It was usually a "Heya girl" or "WASSUP!" quickly, you replied back.
"My other friends are doing stuff... needed someone to talk to... so I texted you" you sent. Almost instantly, she replied:
"_____, I love you, but I'm in trouble and might get my phone taken away. Now's not a good time."  You nodded, as if she could see you.
"Oh. I'm sry. Another time, then."
You groaned. You understood that people had lives outside of you, but they really didn't have to rub your nose in it! Maybe you would just drag your butt up to bed and sleep, and talk to the world when it had time to acknowledge you.
Then your phone rang.
"No. Hell no. I'm not listening to your damn slumber party stories." you said, expecting (friend name) to be calling again. But, surprisingly, it was a number you didn't recognize.
"Hello?" you said as you picked up.
"Hey ____!" a cheerful voice said.
"....who's this?"
"It's Antonio! Don't tell me you've forgotten me already!" You giggled.
"No, Toni... you just sound so different on the phone."
"Oh!" he laughed a bit loudly in your ear. "I guess you do too!  So... what're you doing?" he was obviously trying to keep the conversation going.
You sighed. "Nothing..." you tried to keep the sadness from your voice, to no avail.
"What's wrong?" he said almost instantly.
"C'mon, _____, you can tell me!" Of course. You couldn't keep secrets from him.
"I'm... I'm lonely, Antonio. All my friends are out doing their own things, and I'm stuck here doing nothing."
"Oh..." he faded off.
"Yeah... I'm sorry if that sounded stupid..."
"No, I just don't know what to say..."
"Well, just knowing that someone wanted to talk to me about something besides having imaginary babies is very comforting. Thank you Toni." you were about to hang up, until he stopped you.
"I guess it's a good thing that I'm standing on your porch right now, huh?"
... Pardon?
Just then, your doorbell rang. You went to look through the window by the door, but you already knew who it was. Smiling, you tore the door open.
"Hey Toni- mm!"  your greeting was interrupted by him scooping you in a hug and mashing your lips to his. You moved your arms around his neck as he pushed you up against the opposite wall. You two stayed like that for what felt like a second- except, technically, was a good two minutes- until he backed off you.
"One hell of a hello..." you mumbled. He smiled. "Well, I just did the first thing my instinct told me to do." you went to sit over on the couch and he followed, wrapping and arm around you.  
"I'm glad you did." you whispered, leaning over and giving him a quick peck on the lips.
"I'm your boyfriend now, _____. I want you to be able to tell me anything.  When you're lonely, I want to be there. When you're on top of the world, I want to be right next to you. And when you're down, I want to be the one to lift you up.
"______.... I want to make you feel wanted.
FLUFFEH!!!! Yay!!!!

I wanted to take a break from requests and write this little oneshot. This idea, like most of my ideas, was inspired by real people. But, lovely readers, this one is different.

This one is inspired by my real life BOYFRIEND!

...and yes, I have a boyfriend that I'm not embarrassed to talk about. (Not going down that road again- *shudders*)

He's very pretty. Just throwing that out there.

0_o anyway... Thanks for reading :3

P.S. If you've read my other stories, I've already asked you this question, but... DO UNICORNS HAVE UTTERS?!
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btt-prussia 2 days ago  New member
*fans streams* so cute!!!
AlexandriaZeusVenus Nov 5, 2013  Student Writer
Sounded like 'wanted' by Hunter Hayes for a bit there....
Female-Canada Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
"Well, just knowing that someone wanted to talk to me about something besides having imaginary babies is very comforting. Thank you Toni."


EMBRACE THE IMAGINARY BABIES!! *throws unlimited imaginary babies at your face*

I'm so mad at my friends 
KaixShadow Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a good story mi amigo... I wish i was wanted... All mi amigos push me to the side like a third wheel. Well i guess they aren't really mi amigos then... And sí! Unicorns do have utters, well like a horse. I go to my corner now... Adios... *goes to a corner*
Awwwww this is soo awesome:)
FeartheSaxophone May 4, 2013  Student Writer
You're welcome :)
Phasewalker96 Apr 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love it! question though....where you listening to the song 'Wanted' by Hunter Hayes?(its an awesome song btw~!)
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